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Everyday Champions

June 12, 2013

We have champions in our midst!  They are bagging groceries, making beds and installing faucets, blinds and more.  Yes, there are championship competitions for all sorts of jobs many of us take for granted.  Typically they are sponsored by national associations such as the National Grocers Association.

BaggingChampMy local Metropolitan Market boasts the 2013 National Bagging Champion.  They put up banners and dedicated space on their electronic reader board to his accomplishments.  Even though I’m in the store a couple of times a week, I have never met Andrew (the champ) and I haven’t been fortunate enough to have him personally bag my groceries.  However, his influence is reflected in the bagging prowess of every team member of this store.  He has raised the bar and it shows.

Angel_WinnerThe National Apartment Association sponsors Maintenance Mania and we have a finalist from our area going to compete in San Diego later this month.  Angel Munoz of CTL Management was named the Region 7 finalist out of over 4,000 participants in over 60 competitive events held throughout the 2012-2013 season.  The Washington Multifamily Housing Association did a press release and has him featured on their website.


Are there competitions held in your industry or area?  Check with the national association to find out if you aren’t sure.  Once you get the information, encourage your team members to participate.  There are always plenty of prizes to provide incentives well beyond bragging rights.

Why do you want your team members to spend the time to participate in such competitions?  

First and foremost, it elevates what are often considered mundane and lowly positions in the eyes of customers, team members in other departments and the employee along with their family and friends.  This renewal of respect for  essential services will encourage pride among departments, improve morale, reduce turnover and encourage others who strive for excellence to seek employment on your team.

Secondly, it raises the bar for your entire team.  Even if no one earns a spot in the finals – or if only one person does – everyone benefits from the spirit of competition and the encouragement to strive for excellence.

Who benefits?  Of course the winning employee benefits in terms of prizes and recognition, but other team members benefit as well.  Pride in one’s work cannot be measured but should never be discounted.  You customers benefit from the emphasis on excellence.  And of course, your company’s reputation benefits as well from the publicity that accompanies such a “win”.

Be sure to post updates on your website, your Facebook business page and send Tweets to both encourage your participant and maximize the positive exposure for your business.

We have everyday champions on our teams.  Competitions are just another way for owners and managers to encourage them, help them grow and develop as well as give them well deserved recognition for a job well done.

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