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Color Me Interested

March 13, 2013

When I started my business and was developing the logo, SCUSAI started with the neon sign maker.  Knowing I had a limited budget to devote to critical expenses such as advertising,  I needed the signs on my stores to serve as much of an advertising beacon as possible.  My question; what colors and font styles are most legible from the greatest distance?   The answer gave me my primary color and font used in the Sleep Country USA logo later designed by an artist at my local newspaper.

Years ago I had read the most universally wearable and desirable color to women around the world regardless of age or skin tone was the robin’s egg blue used by Tiffany & Co.  As a result, when choosing a gift for a woman I may not know very well, I will pick something in this iconic shade of turquoise blue.

Beyond that, I had not given much thought to how color influences decisions or even how color could enhance a customer’s experience.  A brief tidbit in the Wall Street Journal in January cited a study which found people who drank hot cocoa from an orange or cream mug found it more desirable than those drinking the exact same cocoa from a white or red mug.

That peaked my interest.  Could we really enhance a customer’s experience simply by the colors we choose?  Not an isolated incident, the same researchers found the strawberry mousse was described as “sweeter and more intense” when served on a white plate over a black one.  A valuable piece of information for restaurants, coffee shops, caterers and even hostesses who want to wow guests!

Jan McLaughlin is a professional speaker and an expert in spoken, written and visual communication.  Color was one of the critical design elements she covered in a seminar on visual communication recently given to attendees of the NSA-NW Speakers Academy.

Color-for-influenc-infographColor Matters has a wealth of information on color and how it influences our decisions.  My Social Media posted a great quick reference guide using Color Matters research that summarizes how different groups react to various colors.  Use this guide to be sure the color you are choosing helps convey your message effectively.

We all have to select colors many times in countless areas of our business from logo and branding to displays to merchandise to desk accessories.   Why not chose colors that help us communicate effectively, enhance customer experience and accomplish our goals?  

A Little Bit Country – Part 1

February 10, 2010

This week the National Speakers Association (of which I am a member) is having their conference in Nashville.  

Enjoying my first trip to Music City looking forward to the show Saturday night at the Grand Ole Opry has put me in a country music state of mind.

Growing up, my dad listened to Big Band music and didn’t think a decent song had been written since 1949.  My mom was a lifelong fan of country music which probably accounts for my hard left turn AWAY from this American art form in my teens.  My record collection (yes, they were records in those days) included, Chicago, Three Dog Night, The Stylistics, Donna Summer and of course, David Cassidy (OMG – David Cassidy!).  John Denver was as close to country as I got.

Then I moved to Dallas. That sentence should explain it all.  The office where I worked played country music over the PA system.  There was no avoiding it – even the bathroom had a speaker!  I spent the first month or so cringing at the twanging.  Then, like water on a stone, certain songs began to make inroads into my heart.  I went from begrudgingly admitting, “That’s not too bad” to “Shhhh, this is my song.”  I have to attribute my conversion to George Strait’s “Nobody In His Right Mind Would Have Left Her”, still one of my top 10 country songs.

If you don’t listen to country music, or think you like country music, you might want to give it another try.  There is a reason the country music station is the top music radio station in every market.

Just TRY to get good seats for a major country music concert….first time my husband, John Murphy and I went to a George Strait concert, our seats were up against the ceiling in the very top/back row of the MGM arena in Las Vegas.

When the George Strait CD came out a couple of years ago titled “50 #1 Hits” his comment was, “Wow, 50 #1 songs, you’ve got to be doing something right”.

Yes, country has some twang, George Strait’s current hit is even titled “Twang”.  There is a fair portion of “honky-tonk” “boot-scooting” tunes.  I know the joke, “What do you get if you play a country song backward?  You get your dog back, your truck back, your job back, your wife back…”  But the words and music of country songs will make you laugh, cry and love if you are willing to give a listen.

Friday I will give you a few of my favorites to get next time you are on iTunes including GREAT music to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.

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