To Tell or Not to Tell

That is the question we are sometimes forced to answer.  It is not usually easy to speak up when you see something that is not right, but to remain silent is to condone bad behavior.  Accessory after the fact if you will.

On Friday I stopped in at a casino to kill some time while my husband shutterstock_45972664was playing golf with a friend at a nearby course.  It was late afternoon and a delivery driver for a major company came to play at the same blackjack table.  How did I know he was a delivery driver for this company? Simple, he was IN UNIFORM.  I checked my watch, perhaps he had just gotten off work.  No, he had his big mobile communication and delivery tablet with him on his belt.  I was pretty sure they left those at work when they turned in the truck at the end of their shift.  To blackjackremove all doubt, he got up from the table and checked it once.  He sat back down and said “I just got a call for a pick up.  I’m still on the clock.”  Yes, he was gambling in uniform while admittedly “on the clock”.

The entrepreneur in me just groaned.  A friend of mine just retired from an executive position with this same company.  I asked myself, “Would I want to know if this were one of my employees?”  When I answered “Yes” I began to discreetly gather more information about this wayward employee.  Armed with a description, date and time of incident, office he works out of and territory he covers, I was confident a manager would be able to determine who the person was even without a name.  And yes, I felt compelled to pass the information along to management even though it’s not my company, my coworker or my employee.

What would you have done?  I would hope you would have done the same.  Employees who abuse the trust of an employer in this manner don’t deserve a good paying job with benefits.  There are plenty of Americans out of work who would gladly deliver an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.   This is stealing as surely as if he were taking merchandise home with him rather than delivering it to the intended recipient.

Several friends work in hospitality.  They “mystery shop” – both positive and negative feedback to upper management when they visit sister properties.  Anyone who takes pride in their company should do the same.  It’s not tattling – it’s being a responsible adult and holding everyone to the high standards expected of all of us.

No, I don’t think you should run to your boss every time a team member takes a person phone call, is 10 minutes late to work or other minor issues.  Use good judgement. osha-employees-must-handsHowever, if there are items customers would (and do) notice or serious policy violations, you should say something.  When tables go uncleaned in a restaurant for over an hour, a food service worker doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom or someone pockets cash from the till – take a manager aside and have the courage to speak up.

If you get in trouble for your integrity – you work for the wrong company or at least the wrong manager!  Report the incident – and the reaction to being informed about the situation to top management or ownership on your way out the door!

When we are hired, an employer has placed the reputation of their business in our hands.  I for one, do not take that trust – or responsibility lightly.  I hope you won’t either.


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5 Responses to “To Tell or Not to Tell”

  1. Gayle Sprague O'Donnell Says:

    When it absolutely, positively must get there…..via a casino. Awesome post!!

  2. Sunny Kobe Cook Says:

    MANAGERS: I’ve seen TWO different delivery drivers for TWO different companies in casinos gambling IN UNIFORM. One told everyone he was “on an extended lunch”. What is YOUR policy regarding what employees do on their “lunch hour”? If they are wearing your shirt, they are representing the brand so keeping a personal jacket or sweatshirt to pull on over your brand when gambling in the middle of the day would be a good idea. Time to remind all your team members of your branding policy!

  3. Les Crimmins Says:

    Our policy. Uniforms may be worn to and from your domicile location. At all times while performing company business(On The Clock).
    Not to be worn in public places while conducting personal business or participating in social activity.


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