Delivering Smiles

Consider this my open love letter to

How did I ever live without you?  With a simple internet connection, you put the world at my fingertips.  My favorite brand of suntan lotion that I used the last of in Aruba was on my doorstep when we arrived home.  I don’t know a traditional retailer that carries it – or my pen/stylus “finger” I’m so attached to.  A couple of personal care items I used to drive all over town to find arrived yesterday.  Ditto for a cute pair of Kate Spade shoes (they own Zappos).

Anything I need, any time of the day or night, I can find and order there.  No more wasting time driving all over town.  Saving money on gas too.   With the mobile app I can order items on my shopping list while getting a pedicure.  Yes, I have done that!  As a Prime member, we get free 2 day shipping – what’s not to love?  Hassle-free returns too (in case the shoes don’t work with my outfit).

white-collar-posterAlso as a Prime Member, we can stream more free videos than we could ever possibly watch.  We got hooked on Downton Abbey and Sherlock for free using this service.  We weren’t even home.   We hooked the laptop to the TV and watched them while in Utah. We downloaded a season of White Collar to our new “anniversary tablet” and had our own in flight entertainment on the way home from Aruba.   This portability fits our lifestyle.

John uses the reviews to help him make purchasing decisions.  He goes immediately to the negative reviews to learn what others found lacking in a product to insure what he buys will meet his needs.

The option to create a “wish list” makes it easier to shop for those who have everything. Instant delivery of gift cards let’s us send timely gifts to family and friends.

As a former retailer, some may find my love of on line shopping to be sacrilegious. I still love to shop, but I look to retailers to introduce me to new things, to spark my creativity and imagination. I’ll buy the first 2 pairs of beach towel clips from the brick and mortar store where I first saw them but I’ll buy 2 more sets on Amazon where I can find the full line of patterns and colors.

Thank you for saving me time, gas and money.  For continuing to expand, adding more jobs to our market and for delivering smiles to our door, one box at a time!


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One Response to “Delivering Smiles”

  1. Robin Ryan Says:

    Been an Amazon Prime member for years. I start my online shopping search with them for everything. And, I buy over 100 books from them each year. I LOVE the 2 day delivery. Sunny has this one right — this is a company that delivers exactly what the customer wants. And if you ever have an error or problem they are excellent at resolving it.

    Sunny – kudos to you for pointing out a company where service is still king.


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