Made in America

Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  I hope you will pause for a few momentsFireworks Seattle between the barbecue and the fireworks to reflect on how great it is to live in America.  Those who know me will tell you I am unabashedly a proud American.  There are countless reasons why this is true but none more significant than my own personal American success story.

Sunny Kobe CookNo where else in the world would my story have been possible.  A female high school graduate from a working class family in Kansas becomes successful entrepreneur and retires at age 42. 

Recently I saw the documentary Girl Rising with several women friends.  To see what girls in other parts of the world are subjected to just for seeking a basic education should make every American woman grateful.  We squander and ignore more opportunities than most women in the rest of the world will ever have.

The other part of my personal story that should inspire pride as we celebrate our Nation’s independence is my outcome is not unique.  Far from an anomaly, this country has success stories from sea to shining sea.

People sometimes ask when they hear me speak at a business eventSunny Kobe Cook “Aren’t you glad you aren’t in business today?”. The misconception is that the business climate is not as friendly today.  While that may be true by degrees, it is never easy to start, build and grow a successful business.  It is always risky.  It always requires innovation and more hours than you believed you could possibly work.

American FlagSo if you have a dream, get busy doing the work necessary to make it a reality.  You are blessed to live here, in the United States of America.  While far from perfect, there simply is not – and has not ever been – a land of such opportunity for all.  God bless America!


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