Management Grade Card

A few years ago I changed dentists.  Why?  Because every 6 months when I came in for my cleaning and routine check-up, there was an entirely different staff.  We aren’t talking one team member out on maternity leave or someone leaving every few years – we’re talking every hygienist and administrative staff every 6 months.

FailingGradeEmployee turnover is management’s report card.  How are you doing?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if you have an issue which needs to be addressed.

1)  How long have you been in your management position?

2)  How long have each of your reports been with the company?

3)  If there has been turnover, was there an obvious personal reason for the change (ie:  spouse transferred out of state, staying home with a new baby, military obligations)?

If you are growing and adding new people, great.  But if you have lost veteran employees or don’t have team members who stay very long, these are indications of management failure.

Even during tough economic times, people will leave because of their boss!  In a recent interview, the CEO of WEX talked candidly about turnover, its cause and what they did to curb it.

Another recent article suggested a one question exit interview.  Most ask, “Why are you leaving?”  The more critical question cited in the article is ”  “What made you start looking for another job in the first place?”

If you are the manager, it’s best to have someone else conduct the exit interview, even a senior administrative professional is more likely to get candid feedback than you.

If you think you have a problem, what can you do about it?  First, you need more information.  Why are people leaving?  If they haven’t left yet, are they considering it?  What are they unhappy about?  Do an anonymous survey using SurveyMonkey to get to the root of the problem.    Once you have feedback, you can take steps to address the problem areas.  Doing an annual survey will help you keep on track going forward.

CanaryEmployee turnover is the canary in the coal mine for your business.  If you employees are not happy, do not feel empowered, don’t have a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work – customers feel it.  They may not be able to pinpoint what is wrong, but they perceive it all the same.  In time, the employee discontent will spread to vendors and customers alike causing your business to fail.  The time to turn the tide is NOW!


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