Fresh Face of Business

For over 20 years, I’ve been skiing almost exclusively at Deer Valley, Utah.  The past 12 years my husband and I have bought season passes.  We’ve also introduced both family and friends to this mountain resort.  Their legendary service has also been the subject of several of my business blogs over the years.

Would you like that sort of loyalty from your customers?  How do you stay true to what made them customers in the first place while evolving to remain fresh in the marketplace?


New Year’s Eve

That balancing act should be the New Year’s resolution of every business not only for 2013 but every year beyond as well.

First, do you know what your loyal customers value?  Are you sure?  Have you asked?  Do an annual survey asking what they like and what they’d like to see.  It will provide you with valuable insights and remind the customer what they love about you.

In the case of Deer Valley, its no snowboarders, immaculate grooming and stellar service.

How do they stay fresh?  This season they replaced a slow chairlift with yet another high speed quad.  They changed the chair line entrances for smoother entry in several places around the hill.  They’ve also continued to improve the interactive features of their website.

Sure, the chairlift was a major capital expenditure but the line entry routing were not.  That was mostly a matter of where the poles and ropes got positioned.  The website enhancements could have been done in house though I’m not sure.

My point is that each of these new features keeps a 30 year plus business fresh, relevant and competitive and not all were expensive. 

What about your business?  Are you continuing to offer new features and benefits?  If not, you may find customers being lured by a flashy competitor just because you are perceived as old fashioned or out of date.

Do a survey.  Look for commonality in both likes and dislikes.  Post “what you said you love” on your website, Facebook page and tweets.  Make a plan to address the unmet needs looking to offer the most bang for the buck.  As soon as you are ready to offer new features or services, announce each “because you asked” or “to serve you better” in email blasts, newsletters, social media platforms and perhaps even news releases to traditional media.

Make 2013, and every year after, the year your business puts on a fresh face to the marketplace.


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