Scrooge’s Holiday Party

After several years of no holiday parties, many companies  are opting to celebrate again, just not at previous levels.  A recent blog in the Wall Street Journal details why.  If the economy has taken a toll on your business, how can you share the spirit of the season in a cost effective way?

Holiday LunchLunch is always cheaper than dinner for a variety of reasons.  Restaurants offer sandwiches, soups and salads as meals for lunch rather than steaks and chops so the meal itself costs less.  There’s no expectation to bring a spouse or significant other to lunch. Same with alcohol.

Reserve a section of a local restaurant for your holiday lunch.  You can even work with the restaurant ahead of time and print special menus on your office printer with a limited selection and no prices.  Depending on the size of your group, this can help the restaurant in terms of preparation and keep your party on budget.

No good restaurants near your office?  Consider catering.  There are lots of low cost options to include hip food trucks you can book for your parking lot.  BBQ places often also offer lower cost catering and popular menus.

Don’t overlook the Costco or other warehouse club option.  Look in the deli and at your neighborhood grocery store for a catering menu.

I’m not a big proponent of pot lucks though that is an inexpensive option.  I feel everyoneHoney Ham has enough to do at the holidays without having to worry about a covered dish for the office party.  If you have people in favor, at least spring for a Honey Baked ham or turkey for the entree.  Again, on line shopping makes this easy even if there are no locations near you.

TreatsCoffee, tea and assorted holiday desserts and treats can make for a low cost mid-afternoon “Holiday Tea”.

When you are all together, let the team know that even though business has been challenging, you didn’t want to miss the chance to say thank you for their dedication and hard work.  Raise a glass (soft drinks work fine) to a brighter future ahead. 


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