Goodwill Towards All

Tonight is the Seattle Goodwill’s annual Glitter Gala.  Among other programs, this fundraiser supports their job training programs including one for retail customer service.


Goodwill Glitter Gala

From the beginning days of Sleep Country USA we had strong business-charity partnerships.  Those well known relationships benefited our community but also our company as well and have continued under the current ownership.

We found the hand we extended gave us a competitive advantage and garnered both customer and employee loyalty.

These partnerships only work long term if the fit is right.  What problem do you have in your business?  Is there a charitable solution that could benefit both?

It could be a one time situation such as the purchase of new equipment and the donation of the old.  Perhaps an ongoing scenario of facilitating the donation of clothing as part of new closet installations.  Even the donation of your teams’ time to a community event if the cause is a good fit. 
Any way you find to make a difference in your community you will likely find makes a difference for your business as well.

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