Batting Averages

The World Series just wrapped up in a surprising show of power by the San Francisco Giants.  Throughout the season there was a lot of both airtime and column inches devoted to the batting averages of many Major League players.


One such player, New York Yankee Derek Jeter, got a lot of attention this summet for his 3,000 hits.  Not routinely mentioned along with this career milestone was another staggering statistic.  This great hitter also has some 9,000 outs.

If you take a look at YOUR career, what’s your “batting” average?

Worth remembering is that success is the result of many failures.  Whether you are in sales, run your own business or are looking for work there’s inspiration to be found in the number of OUTS as well as the number of HITS.

You don’t end up in the record books sitting on the sidelines. You have to be willing to step up to the plate and – win or lose swing for the fences.

As a manager or business owner, remind and encourage YOUR winning team both through the hits and misses to improve your business batting average.


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One Response to “Batting Averages”

  1. Robin Ryan Says:

    Amazing insight that most people never realize. Most highly successful people have had significant failures as well as the great success. Careers are ups and downs and twists and turns –it is your determination to overcome obstacles i.e. failures and mistakes, that leads you to the next success.


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