Happy Birthday Indeed!

Today is my birthday.  While you are reading this, I’m trekking in Bhutan with my husband.  It’s hard not to be more reflective on birthdays as the number mounts and I’m happy to say I have no regrets.  To quote one of my favorite Rod McKuen poems discovered while still in high school,

“There were some times I could have missed
and never missed…
but I could not have come to this place
by any other road”

We all are quick to own our mistakes – to revisit them time and time again – but are we are ready to own our joy?  While I am the first to admit my life has been blessed in ways too many to count, I also have had a hand in creating this life I so enjoy.  

We all live a life that is the result of our choices.  If you are unhappy, you may not want to accept or believe that, but it is true.  Anyone can experience hardships, lose a job, suffer poor health and other personal challenges but it’s what we do with them, how we react to them, that alters the course of our life.

A popular quote states we are all the result of the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the books we’ve read.  All of those things – where you go, who you associate with, what you exposure yourself to – are all the life forming choices.

So today, if you have ever met me, if we have shared a laugh or a conversation, take a moment and raise a glass with me to toast a beautiful life.  Iced tea is fine – champagne works nicely too (smile).

Then ask yourself – are you where you want to be?    If not, the next question should be “Am I making the right choices for me?”  It’s not too late to make different choices.  If you answered yes, raise the glass again and let’s toast to you and the joys of a life well lived!


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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Indeed!”

  1. Robin Ryan Says:

    Happy Birthday Sunny — you live an uncommon life and have so much wisdom to share — I hope you continue to enjoy health and prosperity for another 50 years!

  2. Wilma Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sunny!


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