Profit is Evil?

When did the idea of a business making a profit become an evil in today’s society?  Profit is NOT a 4-letter word!  In fact, it impacts all our lives regardless of what you do, where you live or how you vote.

I was alarmed by a recent “man on the street” interview where people were asked if they would support legislation to ban corporate profits.  The majority said YES!  Seriously?

Are there shuttered stores, closed restaurants or vacant offices in your area?  Each one of those represents a business that didn’t make a profit.

Those business failures mean less jobs, less tax revenue to fund everything from roads to food stamps, less income for the related businesses from landlord to vendors.  Every closed business means less choice for consumers.  Less competition usually results in higher prices at the remaining businesses impacting YOUR wallet. The ripple effect of failed businesses can be felt throughout a community.

Some of the reasons given by those interviewed were that profitable businesses keep growingDuh!  As a business grows they need more of everything- more employees, more supplies, more space, more computers – you name it.  That means more jobs, more money spent with vendors and more fees and taxes into the civic budget.

If there weren’t an opportunity to make money, would any sane person take the risks, invest the countless hours plus the emotional toll of starting a business.? 

It’s easy to think of corporations as entities because of the legal structure, but in fact, they are people or groups of people.  People who had a vision, took risks and invested both money and talent to start that business.  Yes, even Microsoft, Apple, Google, FacebookWal-Mart, Wemdy’s, Hilton,  BIG companies still have a person, family or small group of people at their core.

Do you have a 401K?  A mutual fund as part of your retirement planning?  Then you need corporate profits! Even if your union or company provides a pension, those funds are invested in corporations sharing their profits with YOU.

You may think successful corporations should give back to the community.  Some do donate outright to social causes, but even those who don’t still “give back” in terms of jobs – their employees as well as those at vendors – even city, county, state and federal employees paid for by the salaries, fees and taxes companies pay.

Still think corporate profits “stink”?  Well so does manure but it fertilizes and grows the food that feeds the world.  Food for thought.


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  1. Julie Says:

    Sunny- You are dead on right! Sign me up to receive your postings!


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