Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Major companies spend a fortune on graphics and photos.   The work of a talented photographer can make all the difference whether you are trying to sell a house, a product, services or even get a date.

Professional photographers can be expensive but doing it yourself may not be the best answer for your business.  This article from the Wall Street Journal points out very clearly that you may not even know how much bad photos are costing you in terms of lost opportunities.

Do the photos on your website, your Facebook or other social media sites represent you, your business, your products and services well?  Even if you just sell products on eBay, a great photo can make all the difference.

Check with your suppliers.  Before you settle for a photo you take yourself, ask your suppliers if they have commercially done photos available for use on your website.  As one of their outlets, typically they will make these available at no cost because they want their products represented well.

Some businesses sell an ever changing inventory of products – some limited inventory and relatively low cost.  In these scenarios, hiring a professional photographer may be prohibitive.  For small items, consider investing in a table top photo studio.  Kits with backgrounds, lights and tripod for your point and shoot camera are available for a small, (under $50) one-time investment.  Check stores such as Overstock.com and Amazon.com.

Take a photography class.  Food photographer, Clare Barboza offers workshops in Seattle and other cities across the country on natural light food photography. If you have a restaurant, catering business, sell baked goods, wines, flowers or gourmet food products, a specialty class can be a great investment.

Buy stock photos.  If you are just trying to convey a concept such as a service like accounting or housekeeping, you may not need a personal photo.  Often you can buy a stock photo to use on your website.  Shutterstock.com has a wide variety.  We did a “bulk purchase” where we could download a number of photos over a period of time for a flat rate and many of those photos appear in this blog.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or other small business groups in your area.  They will likely know a local photographer you can work with.  Sometimes they even offer low cost “head shots” at one of their meetings.  In these cases, a photographer sets up the background and lighting to  shoot business appropriate digital photos you can use on your website and social media professional pages.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Be sure what it says about you and your business HELPS rather than HURTS your professional image.




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