Have Resume’ Will Travel

Two weeks ago at a cocktail party on our deck, one of our friends was debating her next steps as she stood at a crossroad in life.  She, like many Americans, had just lost a job she had held for over a decade.  She was single and owned a home here in the Seattle area but was frustrated by the challenges of finding a new job.  As the guests probed, it became clear that she wasn’t “in love with” Seattle, in fact, the weather gets her down (here, here!).  She has family in Scottsdale and perhaps this is really an opportunity to make a change.    She was enthusiastically cheered by everyone and connections were offered to help make her transition smoother, should she ultimately choose to go.

What about you?  Are you where you want to be?  Is this the best place for your career or business?  Or is it the “safe” place because it’s what you know?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, it was shown that those who are willing to relocate ultimately make more money and advance their careers.  Sometimes it’s money that holds us back but in truth, relocation can be as inexpensive as loading your car up with what is truly precious to you and driving into the sunset.  Other times it’s the safety net of family and friends that keeps us rooted in place.  Mostly though, it’s fear.  Fear of the unknown.

I have moved 3 times – not houses, cities.  First I moved from Kansas City where I was born and raised to Dallas, Texas when the frigid winters of the Midwest finally got to me.  Next I moved to south Florida (briefly) and ultimately to Seattle where I have been for the past 20 years.  Not a big “moving” history.

However, when I moved to Dallas, I knew exactly 3 people and two were a couple!  I worked for a large international company and requested a transfer.  It took several months for an opportunity to become available but when it did, a Kansas City friend towed a small U-Haul trailer behind his vehicle and I drove my car to make the move.

Moving to Seattle was a business decision.  It was a market identified by my prospective suppliers as being “under retailed” and represented a better opportunity for my new business (Sleep Country USA) to be successful.

If you are looking for a job, or considering starting your own business, are you in the place that gives YOU the best opportunity for success?  If not here, then where?  Do your research to find out where the job market or business climate is best suited for your skills.  Tap your network to see who has contacts in the most likely markets.  Get in your car and go visit those areas and don’t view the city as a tourist, but rather as a resident.

Do you have a family member you can stay with there for a couple of weeks?  I house sat for the parents of a woman I knew when I was checking out the market in Seattle prior to moving here.  I had never met them but I was a friend of their daughter and they needed someone to water the plants and bring in the mail.

Even in this economy, there are opportunities out there.  Sometimes they are in your NEW backyard – not your current one.  Change, as scary as it is, is also an adventure, a chance to grow and more important, a chance to SUCCEED.


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