Quality Control

On a recent trip to Kauai my husband and I went on a rafting adventure  and a sunset cruise along the Na Pali coastline.

We selected Capt Andy’s for both our Zodiac tour as well as our sunset dinner cruise aboard the Southern Star.  Several companies offer similar outings and Capt Andy’s seemed to offer a few unique features. But the final determination came down to the reviews.  

In any competitive business – probably even yours – positive customer reviews can help distinguish you from your competitors.   Make sure you have a way to collect positive feedback and use it on your website, your Facebook fan page – any of your marketing materials.


How do you insure a quality “product ” even when employees work out of sight?  Capt Andy – the real person whose business bears his name – takes his sea kayak out to the furthest points his catamarans and Zodiacs are scheduled to visit and waits. I suspect you wouldn’t be a captain on his crew for long if you were turning around too soon or in some other way short changing guests!

What methods do you employ to quality check your team?   Get creative.   If you have people who deliver or work a route, meet them with a cooler of soft drinks on a hot day somewhere along the way.


It doesn’t take long for word to travel.  Once your team comes to expect you when you’re unexpected,  the quality of your “product ” will likely yield your business even more precious customer persuading wow reviews.

 Now I have to go write wow reviews for Capt Andy’s on TripAdvisor.com and my own Travel Queen Facebook Page and blog as well!


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