God Bless the USA

Today, as you are grilling burgers, enjoying your family and watching fireworks,  please take time to reflect on what we are celebrating today. 


Only in the USA could a 2nd generation US girl from a working class family with only a high school degree grow up to live my life.  I’ve been all over the world and, even though we have our challenges, there is still no better place to live, start and own a business, raise a family or even just be a woman.

God bless the USA.


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One Response to “God Bless the USA”

  1. Robin Ryan Says:

    Sunny is a terrific example of a person uncovering their talents and applying them. Women in the US have always lagged behind men in terms of earning income and career advancement. Sunny is an encouraging example of how any woman can achieve anything she passionately wants to.

    Never bogged down by naysayers and obstacles — she did her own thing. When problems came along she studied it, got expert advice and found solutions. She founded a business and sold it for millions. She’s traveled and experienced so many cultures world-wide. She is truly an example of living the American Dream. As an author and speaker, today her website, blog and speeches are a great motivator of others.

    I recommend you let Sunny’s life and accomplishments inspire you. Whether you are a teenage, college student, middle age or looking to start a career after 40, you can dream bigger dreams and achieve them by setting goals with action plans and implementing them.

    The key lesson she offers: use your strengths and follow your interests, work hard and you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


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