World Wide Web

Would you consider opening a business and having an UNLISTED telephone number?  If you are self-employed or run a small business without a website or Facebook business page, that’s essentially what you are doing,  The internet has replaced the telephone directory for how most customers find us.

Think about your own patterns.  When you hear about a new hot spot with great music, you probably go to their website to see the upcoming line up of performers.  If you need work done around your house, you likely type  what you need; dog-walking or gutter cleaning, into a search engine.  You then probably read reviews posted by others regarding their customer experience before giving them a call.

My 76 year old mother was looking for the website to a medical office where she was taking my aunt for treatment.  Upon learning they didn’t have one she then had second thoughts about their competency. “What sort of business doesn’t have a website these days?  Are they in the dark ages?  What are they going to do, treat her with leeches?”

Yes, THAT is the message you send without a web presence!

Having a website is Business 101 in today’s world.  In the early days, it costs tens of thousands of dollars to get a webpage built and yes, you can still spend that.  But you can also do it yourself or recruit the recent high school or college grad in your house.  There are a TON of templates out there – many FREE or very low cost.

Start with your email provider.  If you use Comcast,  GMail and many others, there are options to build a personal webpage.  These are great for small businesses you may operate out of your home, service type business (dog-walker, housekeeping, nail artist) and creative pursuits (artist, musician, writer).

The fastest and easiest way to get on the web though is to use Facebook.  You will need a personal page first.  Once you have that (with your personal name) then you can build a “business” page.  The business page is a branch of your personal tree.

You don’t have to post things regularly or “friend” people with your personal page if you aren’t into that, you just have to have it as a “host” for your business page.

Be sure you don’t just put your business as a personal page on Facebook such as “Hair by Mary” rather than “Mary Smith”.  Personal pages do not show up in search engine results because they are “private” – business pages do.  

“Mary Smith” should first build a personal page as “Mary Smith” even if she friends no one and has the privacy settings set so no one can find her.  Then she can build a BUSINESS PAGE for “Hair by Mary” with information about her business, photos of before and after clients and more.

A website is not a luxury – it’s a necessity.  With so many low cost and even FREE options, there is simply NO EXCUSE.  So stop reading this and get busy, in an hour you can have a web presence!


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2 Responses to “World Wide Web”

  1. marketsandwords Says:

    Reblogged this on marketsandwords and commented:
    It’s absolutely true. Businesses need websites, social networks, and proper content support just to be properly seen.

  2. Transition Marketing Says:

    Well done. Nice to see other voices reinforcing this reasoning. I have shared your words with my people!


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