Hiring Our Veterans

A couple of days ago, as a nation,  we celebrated Memorial Day.  There were countless social media posts, parades and cemetery visits to honor those who have served our country.

Memorial Day shouldn’t be only a day.  One of the best ways to honor our servicemen and women is to give them jobs once their service has ended.

This is not an act of charity – these are quality people with skills, habits and training to make them a valuable asset to any organization.

In the company I founded, Sleep Country USA we routinely hired newly discharged service people from Ft. Lewis-McCord, the joint base closest to our office.  These recruits were prompt,  reliable, easy to train, followed instructions well, were respectful, ethical and  unfailingly courteous – lots of “yes ma’am” and “no sir”.


They also had no issues with our company dress code.  We didn’t have to ask them to trim their hair, groom beards, press their clothes or even tuck in their shirts!

It is true that former officers typically have to learn new employee motivational skills, but I’ve worked for a few task masters over the years and they hadn’t even had command responsibilities.   These bright and focused individuals will quickly adapt to your culture and no doubt add positively to the organization.

Personally,  I like team members who believe “failure is not an option”.  If you have hiring responsibility and would like to hire a veteran,  here are some useful links:


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