Blogging to Build a Brand

I started writing this blog a little over 2 years ago.  Since then I’ve fielded so many questions from other speakers, consultants and small business people I felt it was time to talk about it here.

Blogging has a lot of plusses.   First, it’s free.  WordPress,  my blog host, Blog Spot and others are free and easy to set up.  If you’ve used any basic word processing program, you can figure out how to write a post, add photos,  hyperlinks and more in a couple of hours.

I have found it helps me as a speaker to continually develop and refine both topics and examples as I blog which I then use when speaking.  This keeps my speaking material fresh, timely and relevant.

Knowing I have a weekly blog to write keeps my antenna up for issues and experiences where I can lend my insights.

WordPress makes it easy to link to my Facebook business page, Twitter and LinkedIn. As a result, each blog is automatically posted on all my social media outlets.

Should you blog?   In order to answer IF you should blog, you first should be clear on WHY you want to blog.  All social media is part of your overall marketing plan and should be treated as such.

Think about who you want to reach,  the sort of information you have to share and do you realistically have the time, skills or talented employees to consistently blog.   Do you want to establish yourself as an “expert”?  Attract new customers?  Keep in touch with existing clients in a “n0n-selling” environment?

If the answer is YES!  Next week I’ll share what I’ve learned about building a following for your blog.


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