Say it – Own it

A long time ago, a marketing genius taught me that what you say, you own.  Meaning if you “say” in your advertising that you offer same day service, pick your own time deliveries, a price match guarantee, recycle to area charities – whatever – you will “own” that feature in consumers’ minds.  Doesn’t matter that 10 other competitors may already do the same things, it’s what you “say” that you “own”.  Even if others later point out they do it as well – or have always done so, it makes them look like “me too”.

So what do you offer customers that would entice them to do business with you?  On a recent call to Citibank to activate my new American Airlines Mastercard, the phone was answered with: “Thank you for calling Citibank Card Services, this is Aaron in Kentucky, how may I help you?”

Yes, you read that right – a call center – in the United States – and they said it as they answered the phone!  Say it – own it!

Off continent phone centers have been an irritation to customers to the point of becoming joke fodder for comedians.  Citibank didn’t just address it, they make sure we KNOW they addressed it.  Before I got off the phone I commented to the service agent how pleased I.  Not just because they were US based and providing jobs right here at home but because they said it up front.  I pointed out that this is a tremendous competitive advantage which is exactly what the employees were told when given the new phone greeting script.

Have you done something to eliminate a pet peeve of customers?  Do you tailor a service to their needs?  Do they know it?  Is it prominent in your marketing – print, on line, electronic, social media and more?  Do all your team members know and articulate it clearly at every opportunity?  Do they understand WHY?   Why you do what you do and why you talk about it?  Not just salespeople – but everyone?  

Pick one unique benefit and make it your focus for the next 30 days.  Then move on to another.  After you’ve done 3, rotate back through the first 3 to insure you continue to own that territory in the minds of your customers and to attract new customers as they come into the market.  Say it – own it.

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