Zooming in on Service

Zoom is one of the long standing restaurants in the popular ski town, Park City, Utah.

Zoom has always been haughty.  Maybe it’s because the owner is a celebrity (Robert Redford) or because it gets lots of star guests, especially during SundanceThen again, maybe they just need a manager who can inspire the team to be more customer focused.

Over the past 20 years I’ve eaten here a LOT.  You can read a review of the food at my Facebook Travel Queen Tips page or on TripAdvisor.com.

The food and atmosphere are worth a visit but don’t expect warm, friendly, can-do service.

I’ve never had a friendly server here.  On this most recent visit the hostess was uncharacteristically perky so I was hopeful but at the table our server was the brooding artist type that seems to be Zoom’s typical employee.

So why have I returned time and time again? First there are a couple of signature menu items we’ve always enjoyed. I also LOVE the setting. They’ve always taken reservations and had enough variety in the menu for groups. Plus I usually think “too bad we had such a snooty server ” without realizing we’ve ALWAYS had a snooty server!

This was the first time I was given a comment card. Yes, I filled it out and put it in the mail immediately. Perhaps even Zoom realizes no business can survive on reputation alone.

What about your business? Are your team members encouraged to interact with customers in a warm yet professional manner? Are you sure? Do you use mystery shoppers or comment cards to check? Do you need to “zoom in” on service?


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