“Love” Your Team

Valentine’s Day is almost here and this is a great time to let all your employees know you “love” them.  No, this isn’t something creepy or anything that will get you sued, it’s just a fun way to remind those on your team that they are important to you.

Recognition and Sense of Belonging are two of the greatest motivators of employees.  Consistently, these factors rate higher than money.   You are probably grateful for the talented and loyal members you have on your team – but do they know it?  Are you sure?

In my book, Common Things Uncommon Ways, I explain how to use regular holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s Day and even Halloween as team-building opportunities.

I’m a fan of the small boxes of “Conversation Hearts”.  Several reasons:  1) inexpensive – average .29 per employee 2) readily available at your local Bartell’s or Walgreens 3) hard to misinterpret.

You may only have 3 employees and think “I can spring for a $5 box of fancy chocolates for each” and that may be true – TODAY.  What about when your company grows?  In a few years if you are 10 people or 100 people, will you want to scale this back?  Easier just to not start big in the first place.  Make it your tradition to give these inexpensive treats as a form of recognition so you can always do it regardless of how big you grow or how challenging the economy gets.

A package of valentines intended for kids to take to schoolmates is also “safe”.  No one is going to “misinterpret” a Pixar character valentine, especially when you give one to EVERYONE and you write messages such as “It’s “Sweet” having you on our  team” or “We “Love” having you on our team”.  Again, they are inexpensive and easy to purchase on line at Amazon or in your neighborhood Target or drug store.

If you aren’t comfortable with this option, consider a custom one.  I like these “You are Super” cards from Tiny Prints where you can have printed a “business friendly” message inside such as those shown above.  Minimum quantity is 10.

If you work solo, you probably have some great partners, vendors and 3rd party service providers you rely on.  You can easily deliver or even mail some of these recognition treats to these key “team members” as well.

Everyone needs to feel valued.  Valentine’s Day, known as the day for romance can also serve as a great opportunity to let those you work with know they are important to you and the success of your business.



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