It’s In the Bag

Did you know there is an annual competition held in Las Vegas for the nation’s “Best Bagger”?  Did you know the Washington State Bagging Champion works at the Metropolitan Market in West Seattle?  Yes, grocery bagging.

You may be thinking, “so what?” but in fact, as a customer I care about how my purchases are bagged.  I want to be asked if I want paper or plastic.  I don’t want the bags so heavy I can’t lift them or so poorly packed that they flop over from improper weight distribution.  It’s not just groceries I care about.  When I purchase clothing, I want it folded neatly – not wadded up and tossed in a bag.  I don’t want to have to iron a new item to be able to wear it.   Lest you think it’s just me –  this is actually a common complaint topic among my peers.

You may think that’s why I would know about the Bagging Championship but in fact, I only became aware of the competition a week or so ago when I drove by my neighborhood Metropolitan Market on my way home.  There on the reader board was a message which read:

“Andrew Borrachini Is WA State Best Bagger!  Nationals Are Next!”

The Metropolitan Market has 21 “frames” they can use for promotion and 3 of the 21 (roughly 14%) are dedicated to applauding the success of one of their baggers.  It wasn’t just up there for a day either.  I first noticed it more than a week ago, saw it a couple of more times and finally took my camera to capture it.

Did YOUR grocery store even enter a contestant?  

Growing up, my dad always said “I don’t care if you are the garbage collector, just be the best garbage collector you can be.”  As a retired business owner, I can assure you that a company is more successful when everyone, right down to the lowest member on the pay scale, all strive to do their very best.

I not only applaud Andrew for his impressive win and daily dedication to “being the best” in his current position – but I applaud the Metropolitan Market for seeing the value in having a participant in such a competition.  And of course, I stand and applaud their enthusiastic support and praise for a hard working team member.

This emphasis on excellence extends to every area of the store.  The result is a consistently “wow” customer experience and countless  loyal customers – including me.

Are you doing all you can to promote excellence at every level within your organization?  Where do you focus your time and energy?  Do you have contests and recognition awards for each area of your company?  How could your company improve if each team member were to improve even 1%?


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One Response to “It’s In the Bag”

  1. Ronald czarnecki Says:

    Be the Best that you can be…
    and one day….
    they’ll recognize thee.

    It’s great to see the Market promoting Andrew’s achievement, though they lost his productivity while he was competing.

    Would like to see this attitude come back to our public school system. Would also be nice if our President promoted this idea instead of calling Americans “lazy.”


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