The Next Generation

McDonald’s has been creating lifetime customers through Ronald McDonald and the Happy Meal for as long as I can remember.    Many other businesses find their customer base growing increasingly older and struggle to attract a younger demographic without alienating their bread and butter established clients.

This is probably most true in the field of the arts.  Whether a museum, ballet, symphony or opera, introducing fine arts to the next generation has to be a priority for all fine arts groups.  That is why symphony orchestras offer “Pops” series and ballets make “The Nutcracker” part of their seasonal programming.

 On a recent trip to Kansas City, my husband, my mom and I all toured the just opened Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

What an impressive addition to the Kansas City arts!  Beyond the beautiful building and breath-taking acoustics, I was most impressed with their “Children’s Wall” – “In celebration of tomorrow’s audience”.

This program lets parents – or grandparents – purchase an actual hand print of a child on wall of the new performing arts center.  The hand print includes the child’s name and age at time of purchase.  What a great way to give a young person a sense of ownership in a privately funded arts facility!?!   The “gift” can even be paid for in installments over 5 years!

Genius!  Pure marketing and legacy building genius!


What can you do to insure YOU will have customers not only next month or next year, but into the next generation as well?  

Utilizing social media, creating YouTube videos and other technologies which haven’t even been invented yet will all help attract a younger demographic.  As a leader you must lead your business into the next decade and beyond.  Staying current with technology is one way – but don’t overlook the opportunity to perhaps let young customers leave their fingerprints – maybe even literally – on your operation.





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