Thank You

Thank you.  Two such simple words and yet so powerful.  They express appreciation and gratitude.  They give recognition and they inspire loyalty.  At a recent BPW/WA event, an attendee commented she had recently started sending thank you cards and her business was experiencing double-digit increases as a result.

Are you grateful for your customers?  Your suppliers?  Your staff?  This is a great time to let them know.  

Many business people have abandoned holiday cards.  I used to get so many holiday cards from friends, family and business contacts that the challenge was finding a way to display them all.  Over the years, the number has steadily declined.  Some have indicated it was a cost-cutting measure.  Others have said they didn’t want to offend anyone.

This is all great news for YOU!  The card you send to your customers will no longer be buried in a pile of other cards.  The economy and political correctness have given you an opportunity to stand out!

For business, I have always preferred Thanksgiving themed cards.  After all, you are grateful for their business.  The same applies to key vendors or service providers who have consistently helped your business throughout the year.  And of course, don’t forget loyal employees too.

You can personalize the card with your own message, include a photo of your team, have everyone in the office sign them or even enclose a coupon towards their next order.

Using a service such as Paper Passionista where she comes to your office – you can even save time which we all know translates to saving money.

Be sure to not dilute the value of your sentiment by using address labels.  If you don’t have nice handwriting – someone in your office probably does.  If not, feel free to hire a stay-at-home mom, college student or unemployed friend to do the addressing for you.

Don’t let the year end without taking time to acknowledge and express gratitude to all those who contribute to your business success.  If you don’t appreciate them – your competitor will!


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