If not now, when?

I went to my high school reunion this past weekend.  If that seems an odd way to start a business blog post, please bear with me, there really is a business point to all of this.  Where was I?  Oh yes, my reunion. I had very mixed feelings about going.  On one hand, I was excited  to see old friends but there were also those residual teenage anxieties.  I had not been to any previous reunions and thought, “If not now,  when?”  

The most common comment I got (everyone was too polite to mention weight gain or wrinkles thankfully) was “You cut your hair!”

I never think of myself as having long hair even though for about 6 years 1970-1976 I did indeed have long hair.  I cut it shortly after graduation and have never worn my hair long since.

From my perspective, I always think of myself with short hair since that is how it’s been the majority of my years.  However, these people, who only knew me for the few years of  high school have that as their memory.

What has lingered with me is how much emphasis and angst surrounds high school when in reality, it is merely a snapshot, a few frames in the movie of our lives. 

Whether it is attending your reunion, approaching a potential business partner, updating your website or learning a new skill – it’s probably not going to be what you expect.  It may not be as hard,  tedious, challenging or unwelcome as you may think.  It’s easy to let doubts, fears and uncertainty hold us back.

So take a minute to ask yourself, “If not now, when?”  Then go ahead and take the leap and don’t be surprised when you later ask yourself, “What took me so long?”

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