Polishing Your Image

Linen service.  What do you picture?  Crisp, clean sheets?  Soft white towels?  Neatly pressed tablecloths?





Last week I was driving down I-5 in Seattle and in front of me was a filthy delivery truck for a linen service.  I don’t want to name names, but it’s an established company – since 1916 – and the back of the truck was so dirty I could barely read the name of the company.  This was clearly more than a few days worth of road grime.

Maybe it’s just me, but a dirty truck for a linen service does not inspire confidence.  Would my linens look as bad as their truck?   Would they give the same care to my linens as they do their equipment?  If this is the condition of the equipment customers and prospective customers see, what condition is the rest of their equipment in?

My point is not to bash a specific business which is why they are not named.  Rather it’s to get all of you reading this that have a delivery or marked company vehicle of any kind to go outside and take a good look it.  Is it dirty?  Are decals fading, torn or missing?  Does it represent your business properly?

Every day our marked company vehicles are in traffic they are moving billboards for our businesses.  When a salesperson or delivery team member pulls up at a customers, the vehicle they arrive in is a part of their presentation and can alter – positively or negatively – customer perception.

What about the inside?  If customer ever have an opportunity to see inside the vehicle – the cab, interior, trunk or cargo area – again it is a reflection of your business.  Discarded cans, fast-food bags or other trash may convey a message contrary to the one you intend to market.

“How you do one thing is how you do everything”.  I don’t know who really gets credit for that quote, I’ve seen it attributed to several different people.   It is true though and while you may think a clean vehicle is just a waste of time, energy or water – it is actually a part of your “brand”.  As a result, it can soil your image in the eyes of a customer or prospect.


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