Off Duty, Spot On Service

Friday night I was at the Pike Place Market Foundation annual Sunset Supper.  It was a wonderful evening, amazing food from 45 of Seattle’s best restaurants.  Add in wines from 30 of Washington’s boutique wineries,beer, specialty cocktails and the fact that the weather actually cooperated and you can imagine this was a great evening.

Regular readers of this blog already know I’m actually an addict…an iced-tea addict that is.  Awesome food, wine and other adult beverages only go so far with me – then I NEED an iced-tea.

Conveniently, the table I was seated at was a mere steps from the “original” Starbucks in Pike’s Market which was “closed” to normal business for the evening.

They were  participating in the Sunset Supper with “tall sized” hot or iced coffee drinks and had a sidewalk table set up to serve those beverages.

I, however, don’t drink coffee…I drink iced-tea.  I approached the smiling team member and explained my “need”.

Even though they did not have any tea already made (if you have ever gotten an iced-tea at Starbucks, you know what I mean) she did not send me away.  She did not tell me they were only set up to do coffee drinks.  Instead, Karrie Johnson told me they’d be happy to make me a hot tea and pour it over ice.  

  When she brought up the “venti sized” cup with a freshly brewed iced-tea complete with Sweet ‘n Low already added, I hugged her!  

Back at my table, all my friends commented on the refreshing cup of tea I was sipping.  Everyone was impressed – especially when I mentioned that it had been made “special”.

The photo of my hubby, John Murphy and I from the evening posted on Facebook clearly featured my iced-tea in the foreground.

Of course I had to have a 2nd one before the evening was done and my request was met the same “can do” attitude that is the hallmark of Starbucks.

Anyone can make a glass of iced-tea…what is it really?  Just brewed hot tea and ice.  Training a team to make a beverage is easy – creating a culture when they do not only serve, but actually befriend customers – is the recipe for success!

That is what the Starbucks team does consistently and as a result, the line at their stores is also consistent.

How do you get customers to routinely stand in line to do business with you?  Deliver an exceptional customer experience, not just a great product.  Make them feel special. People do business with people they like, do your customers like YOU????


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One Response to “Off Duty, Spot On Service”

  1. Gayle O'Donnell Says:

    As a fellow “addict” this story warms my heart. Way to go, Starbucks!!


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