Any Way You Slice It

I can’t walk by a window displaying beautiful and tempting dipped apples without stopping to drool – yet I have never actually purchased one!

My reasons have always been logical, too big and too hard to eat.   This week, while changing planes at Chicago O’Hare Airport, my path took me by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

What I saw there stopped me in my tracks, caused me to actually go in the store, snap some pictures on my phone AND inspired this blog post.  No, it wasn’t the delictable treats prominently displayed in the front windows…it was the SIGNAGE that addressed BOTH of the reasons I have never actually made a purchase.

There it was!  “We can slice it – You can share it”.  WOW!  So simple and yet so compelling. 

I went in to ask when they started offering the slicing service option.  The answer?  “We always have.”  Until the new signage, I never knew and as a result, I never considered a purchase.

I am changing planes again today in the Chicago airport on my way home.  I’ll be stopping into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company in the terminal to BUY an apple – coconut covered – and I’ll have it sliced.  I will use it as a snack on the plane and maybe there will even be a few slices to share with my hubby when he meets me when I land at SeaTac Airport  later this evening.

What are the obstacles to buying in YOUR business?  Do you have a simple solution you offer to customers who ask?  Is there a way to advertise the option, in signage, on your website, printed materials or other media?  By addressing the objections with compelling solutions, you will no doubt entice more customers.


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