Summer and Seafair

It’s that rare time here in the Pacific Northwest, summer and Seafair meet for a few fleeting days in August.  The sun is shining, temperatures are finally rising, the Blue Angels are screaming overhead and yet, we still need to get some work done!

Motivating your team these next few days and weeks can be a challenge.  We’d all rather be on a beach somewhere soaking up the little bit of summer we get instead of focusing on spreadsheets and sales figures.

When the company I founded was first voted a “Best Place to Work” I was surprised that one of the spontaneous things I did on a summer day such as this was mentioned by employees who voted for us.  As simple as it sounds, too few managers and owners think to do it.  What did I do?  I bought and brought in ice cream.

There are countless ways YOU can do this with your office team as well.  Seattle’s acclaimed Molly Moon’s artisanal ice cream has a mobile unit and regularly tweets their locations.  If you have a big enough office, maybe you could get them to swing by your building.

If not, there are lots of independent ice cream truck owners and using this website, you can contact one to come by your business.

Don’t have that many people?  Your local Baskin Robbins sells great ice cream cakes or you can buy the fixings and set up an “ice cream sundae break” in your lunchroom.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, even a couple of boxes of grocery store purchased ice cream bars can give the welcome nod to summer your team is craving.

A great way to encourage productivity when Mother Nature is working against you is to give in – in a small way – such as a spontaneous “ice cream break”.  It’s okay if YOU enjoy it too!


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