Get Ready

Phyllis Campbell was sharing words of wisdom from her mentors and said one frequently said “Get ready.”  It begs the question, “Get ready for what?”  The answer, “Anything”.

Sounds like a great idea, but how does one get ready for “anything”?  

The answer is to learn as much as you can from as many varied sources as you can.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this over the next 48 hours, rather it’s a long term project which should span both your career and your lifetime.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for a temp agency, as a purchasing agent for a custom kitchen remodeling firm, a secretary then salesperson for an international company and ultimately started, built and sold my own business.  Along the way I did a wide variety of tasks which gave me insights into both my personal strengths and weaknesses.  

You can expand your career without changing jobs by volunteering to work on projects outside your normal job description.  While challenging, these are growth opportunities.  You get to work with people outside your usual sphere, develop new skills and raise your profile within the organization.

Even now, at least once a month, I attend some sort of business event.  It can be a  Chamber of Commerce program, a networking event, a workshop for professional speakers like myself or an after-hours meet and greet with other entrepreneurs.  I prefer events where there is a speaker, panel or workshop because I always learn something new.

Daily I read the Wall Street Journal on line.  Not just the “news”, but read the quirky stories on the bottomof the front page.  I read tidbits about new technology from a review on Toshiba’s new tablet to the valuation on Facebook.  The Life & Culture section has great ideas for low-stress entertaining, travel as well as reviews of new books, movies and plays.

In our bathroom, there are a variety of magazines from Readers Digest to “O” to National Geographic Traveler.   This “library” is a great place to keep and peruse industry or trade publications as well.

We are season ticket holders for a two live theaters in the area as well as a distinguished speaker series in California.  You might see us in the audience of a comedy club or “twisted flicks”.

From time to time there will be a class that peaks my interest on topics ranging from ballroom dancing to mosaics to pairing food and wines.

This is about more than filling the blank spaces on your calendar.  It’s about getting out and getting involved.  Getting out of your office – out of your neighborhood – out of your rut – out of your comfort zone.  It’s when you get out and get involved that you learn what you need to succeed and  meet the people who will help you do so.

Are you ready?  If not, start “getting ready” today!


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