Buying Locally

It was time to replace our dishwasher.    There was a lot I loved about our dishwasher; the flatware racks, the adjustable top rack, the delayed wash option, the built-in food disposal – well, you get the idea.   So I did what we all do – I searched on the internet for a comparable model.  Once I settled on 2 options with similar features, I typed in my zip code to see what stores near me carried the models being considered.

I was thrilled to see Wiseman Appliance on the list!  I love doing business with local merchants and have had great experiences with Wiseman in the past.  My husband and I stopped by the store with computer print-out in hand.  The owner, Dan, answered our questions eliminating one of the two models.  But the one I wanted was not actually in the store.  He did not try to sell us something on his floor, but immediately checked local warehouse inventory and told us he could have one there within 48 hours for us to see and touch.  After a couple of minutes, my husband just said “Why bother?  It’s not like you are going to see it and decide you don’t want it.  Just set the installation appointment and be done with it.”  Great advice.  That’s what we did.

John Malson arrived at the appointed day and time and did a fabulous job on the installation.  He never once complained about our ridiculously steep driveway, the 16 stairs up to the kitchen, the 54 stairs down to the fuse box to turn off the power, the 54 stairs back up to the kitchen to do the installation then down and back again to turn the power back on when he was finished.

He also didn’t roll his eyes when I showed him the roll of black, rubbery insulation strip I had purchased to camouflage the open space on either side of the installed dishwasher.  In fact, when I wasn’t even looking, he actually installed the stripping for me!   He understood what I was trying to accomplish and did so without ever acting put out or making me feel high-maintenance or even picky!

The stairs, the job well done and the extra effort would have been enough to earn him this blog post but when my housekeeper was here the next day and I was out of town, she discovered a leak under the sink.  With the dishwasher installation only a day old, she assumed something wasn’t connected and called Wiseman.  John came out and found the problem was not with the dishwasher or the installation, but purely by coincidence, the elbow pipe going into the dishwasher had failed and was leaking.

In reality – not his problem.  He could have told us to call our plumber.  Instead, he went to the store (about 1/2 mile away), got a part, came back and put it on.  No charge.  WOW!!!

In telling the story to my friend, Gayle, she relayed a similar situation with King and Bunny’s, a local store near her.  She had bought a washing machine and during the installation, the technician noticed an “abnormal amount of lint” under the old washer and determined the problem was wearing on the dryer vent.  He went to the truck, got a new one and put it on.  No charge.  WOW!  He wasn’t even there to deliver a dryer – just a new washing machine!

I hope when you need something new for your home you will consider the local merchants in your own neighborhood.  In my experience, the pricing is competitive, the staff is knowledgeable and because they are your neighbors, the service simply can’t be beat!  A heartfelt thanks to John and Dan from my appliance store, Wiseman’s!



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One Response to “Buying Locally”

  1. Gayle O'Donnell Says:

    Great post, Sunny, and thanks for mentioning my favorite local appliance store, King and Bunny’s. It’s so true what you say about supporting our local merchants. The few $ you MIGHT save (no guarantees on that, though it’s often assumed) by buying from a “big box” store can never compare to the level of service and commitment from your local merchant. It really ties in with the 3/50 project “LOCALS LOVE YOUR MORE” campaign being promoted nationwide – BUY LOCAL AND SUPPORT YOUR OWN COMMUNITY! (To read more visit )


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