Growing Entrepreneurs

Many unemployed people have taken to starting their own businesses during the current recession.  Some are tired of looking for work.  Some want to be in greater control of their career destiny.  Yet others feel it’s a great time to do something they’ve always wanted to do but would not have quit their job to pursue.

I did not grow up in an obviously entrepreneurial household.  My dad worked for Western Union for all my growing years and then some.  He did a number of things “on the side” though and perhaps it was that which brought both my sister and I to start our careers with big companies and end working for ourselves.

On Friday, my husband and I went to the Edmonds Arts Festival.  Across the street from all the booths, neighborhood kids had set up shop.  Large banners on the picket fence advertised “Lemondade” and “Dog sitting service”.





Every year during the Puyallup Fair, homeowners around the fairgrounds rent out their lawns as parking spots.  It’s not unusual to see the teens out waving signs and directing people into their family’s patch of “parking grass”.

Young people learn what they see.  That’s why there are not only family businesses but families of dentists, carpenters, “police families” and even “military families” as well.

If you would like to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in your children, get them involved at an early age in your business.  Even if the first tasks they do are simple, the exposure and education can only benefit them in the long run.

If you don’t have a business but want to start one, do it NOW.  Don’t wait until your kids are out of the house so you can devote time to your business idea.  Even if it is just something you do “on the side” such as art, a craft or marketable hobby, you can set a great example for your kids and help them learn about business in the process.

It’s never too soon to develop a strong work ethic and as they mature and discover their natural talents, you can help them find ways to utilize those talents in your business and perhaps someday, in their own!

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