Business Makeover

I spent a delightful decade in Dallas, Texas.  Among it’s notable citizens was Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics.  In my mind, the company has always been synonymous with the strong, elegant woman who led the way for other female entrepreneurs such as myself.

The recognition program that rewards peak performers with everything up to and including pink Cadillacs served as a model for my own employee recognition programs.

Given the ground-breaking history of Mary Kay Cosmetics, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that this company, founded in 1963, would continue to be a model for all of us in business.

This weekend, I was watching television and saw an advertisement featuring hip music and a young woman in her early 20’s demonstrating the many looks possible from their new “Must Have Compact”.  This is NOT your mom’s Mary Kay!

The splash page of their website features brides – both a seasonal and younger message.

All seasoned businesses must periodically give themselves a makeover to continue to attract new customers.  Think of the changes Madonna has successful undergone over the years.  The changes in looks and sound have allowed her to sell to and remain relevant to generation after generation.

Is it time to give YOUR business a makeover?  Unless your business specifically addresses a need of an older market (think senior care or services) it’s critical to continue to attract young customers even if they are not yet your most valuable customer.  

Getting comfortable and competent with social media is a great way to reach a younger audience.  The new medias allow you to reach a different customer in ways your current customer may never see.  Mary Kay has a Facebook page, a blog and a YouTube channel featuring both advertisements and “how to” tips.  They have an iPhone app.  You can do a virtual makeover on their website – visit for yourself and ask yourself what you can apply to your business.

Recruiting younger team members can also help you to attract younger customers.    The Mary Kay website features beauty consultants in a wide range of ages and ethnic backgrounds with both written profiles and video profiles.

As our businesses age, it’s important that we continue to offer new products and services.  Continuing to update our “look”as well as the way we communicate and serve customers will allow us to outperform competitors today and decades in the future. 


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