Websites Made Easy

Would you consider opening a business and having an UNLISTED telephone number?  If you are self-employed or run a small business without a website, that’s essentially what you are doing.  The internet has replaced the telephone directory for how most customers find us.

Consider your own patterns for a moment.  When you hear of a new local hot spot with great music, you probably go to their website to see the schedule of upcoming musicians.  If you need work done around your house from dog-walking to gutter cleaning, you typically type those phrases into a search engine.  Then you also probably read on line reviews before hiring them.

Having a website is Business 101 in today’s world.  Not having one makes it harder for customers to find you and sends a message that you are not serious about your business. 

My 75 year old mom could not find a medical facility’s website.  She  had agreed to take Aunt Pat there and was trying to get directions and see the building before she got there to insure she could find it easily.  After searching, she called me for help.  I did my own search and eventually, I found a phone number listed on an affiliated doctor’s site and called them.   I asked for their web address and they said “We don’t have one.” 

I called mom back to tell her that was why she couldn’t find them and give her the phone number to get more information.  Her reaction was a surprise to me.  “What do you mean they don’t have a website?  Who doesn’t have a website these days?  I’m not sure I want to take Pat to a medical facility that far in the dark ages.  What are they going to do?  Treat her with leeches?” 

I have friends from professional speakers like me, to authors to consultants who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their websites. You don’t have to do that to have a footprint on the internet.  This recent article in the  Wall Street Journal mentions several alternatives to having a website built  that are worth checking out.

Personally, I would start with a Facebook Fan Page for your business.  This is NOT your personal page with pictures from your last birthday party even though you need a personal page in order to build and manage the business page.  It’s a separate page and every business should have one.  I have 2, one as a speaker and the  other as the travel queen.  You can use the links provided to check out each and see the way I use them.   That may even be the way you are reading this blog post.

If you think you might want to blog,  several of the services such as WordPress (my provider) not only let you have a  FREE blog, but you can use that as your website as well.

Your internet provider may even offer free or low cost, easy to use, templates for making your website. 

Any way you do it, you need a pressence on the web.  To not have one says you are not serious about your business, makes it harder for customers to find you to do business and may be unwittingly sending a message that what you offer is not relevant to today’s consumers.


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