Peace of Mind

I heard a radio ad this week for Safelite Auto Glass which peaked my interest.  No, I don’t need my windshield replaced but the ad mentioned a service I thought had a lot of applications for other service businesses that send workers to your home.  They email you a PHOTO of the technician scheduled to do your work.

I would have thought the logo van would have been enough to give customers peace of mind that the person at their door is who they say they are but staying true to their name, “Safelite” takes this extra step which inspires confidence.

Information on the company website shared valid reasons for considering this practice for any service business:

“A recent survey conducted by Safelite found that 80 percent of respondents liked the e-mail they received and 85 percent said they felt more comfortable with the technician coming to their home once they had received the e-mail.

“I appreciated the photo of the technician so that I knew the person who was taking my car key was the proper person to have it,” said one Safelite customer.”

Uniforms and identification cards help inspire confidence in customers who open their homes to service technicians but these items can be faked.

Some businesses hire independent contractors to provide services so there is no logo vehicle provided and no requirement the workers wear uniforms.  This has been the case for the cable repair people who have been to our home over the last few years.

Can you use the Safelite practice to inspire confidence and provide added security for your customers?  Can you add a digital photo to the file of each employee or contract provider in your database?  When your dispatcher assigns a job to a worker, can you email or text this information to your customer?

Even if you are a sole provider of your service, why not email or text YOUR photo to customers so they will recognize YOU when you arrive at their home?

In the service industry, much of the success or failure of the business comes down to the customer’s experience with the service provider.  What can you learn from this “Best Practice” of Safelite to provide YOUR customers with an improved customer experience and greater peace of mind?


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