Dispensing Convenience

Vending machines used to sell sodas. Then snacks were added along with waters and a host of other consumption items.  Many of these machines are still devoted to candy and soft drinks, but innovative business people are finding  many other great uses for these 24 hour, unmanned stores.

Smaller hotels without sundry shops often will offer items travelers often forget in their vending machines.  You can find a replacement toothbrush or some much needed pain relief in the same machine with a package of M & M candies.

The introduction of credit card technology to the vending machine has also opened it up to bigger ticket items.   Best Buy has “Express”, kiosk style vending machines in busy airports such as LAX and McCarren Airport in Las Vegas as well as in places such as the MGM Grand.  They feature items travelers might want such as noise-cancelling headphones, a cellphone charger, video games and more.

A recent trip through the airport in Las Vegas found a Clinique vending machine filled with skin care and beauty products.  Sephora also has introduced beauty vending machines.  Even the Washington Lottery offers instant-win game tickets in vending machines at SeaTac Airport!

What do you think about when it comes to restroom vending machines?  What about this?   It’s called “After Heels” and they are ultra compact ballet style flats you can buy from their website or from vending machines in some hip clubs.


Retail is ever-changing. If you have a product you make or represent, would it sell in a vending machine environment?  Do you need to repackage or suggest repackaging to your company to fit in this new, evolving selling format?

Reaching out to companies who provide and  stock vending machines may be an innovative way to get your product in front of millions of customers without the expense of a storefront.

Would your business benefit from ADDING one of these new vending machines to your location?  Would it allow you to offer YOUR customers more products, greater convenience and some additional revenue to your bottom line?

As business people, we are always encouraged to “think outside the box” but in this case, maybe thinking of a way to get INSIDE the box would be a boost for your business.


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