Location, Location, Location

I love a bargain, especially on brand-name, quality merchandise.  As a result, I’m a frequent patron of discount chains such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Loehmann’s, DSW and more.

Before leaving on a recent trip, my hubby, John Murphy mentioned he needed something and I knew just where to get it.  I pulled into the shopping center at Southcenter where the Marshalls store was located and found….an EMPTY STORE!!!!

I drove around the center and the one across the street to be sure they hadn’t moved to a more visible spot nearby but did not find them.  Then I called directory assistance and was given the number for the store which is now vacant.  The number rang, rang and rang.

There was NO sign on the front of the store telling where they had moved or encouraging me to visit another location.  Same was true for the phone; no answer, no recording, no forwarding to the next nearest location.

Lamenting the situation to friends, they mentioned a NEW Marshalls had just opened at the Landing in Renton, less than 5 miles away from the now empty location.

Marshalls is owned by TJ Maxx and collectively, they have some 2,000 stores so I’m sure they have very good reasons for moving this location.

However, wouldn’t you expect to see a “We’ve Moved – Visit our New Location” sign on the front window for a period of time?  Even if the landlord didn’t allow it, certainly a recording on the phone number or having the call forwarded to the new location would have made sense.

If big. successful retailers can make such a basic error – so can any of us. I often find out of date information on websites.  Directions sometimes have to be modified to redirect customers around construction projects or to reflect changes in street names.

Take this opportunity to call your phones – all your phone numbers. Listen carefully to the outgoing message.  Is it accurate?  I once forgot to remove an extended absence greeting for nearly a week after my return!

Check your website too. If you have multiple locations, check each of them to insure the information you are giving customers is clear and accurate.

Customers can’t do business with us if they don’t know where to find us!


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