Picky About Color

Unlike the phrase which is often quoted to me, I actually AM picky about color.

The last few weeks have been devoted to the annual project of getting ready for my tax accountant, purging/shredding old paperwork, making files for the current year and moving older records into longer term storage.  In addition, I decided this was a good time to also convert old,  cardboard box storage to more element-resistant plastic totes.


I already had a significant number of clear plastic totes, each with the clear lids and I needed about 6 more to complete both projects.  While running errands, I stopped in at the Office Depot store in the Southcenter area to get the plastic file boxes.  On display was a large selection of the totes in a rainbow of colors, but only 1 that was clear with a clear lid.

Upon entering the store, I had been greeted with an offer of assistance from one team member but when I approached with the solo clear bin in hand to ask if there were more in the back, he apologized and suggested I “ask someone else, he was going on break.”   I now feared my request was going to be viewed as a hassle, after all, there were literally dozens of the various colored ones readily available.

But, as I admitted, I am picky about color.  Not finding anyone else who wasn’t already assisting a customer, I went to the cash register to see if they could scan the bar code and see if more were in inventory.  Brandon was more than happy to do that for me and in fact, the system showed a number of them.  However, we couldn’t tell from the screen if they were actually the clear ones or just showing the total of the various colored ones.

I said I was sorry to be picky, but I already had a lot of clear ones and wanted to remain consistent.  He never flinched, he didn’t eye roll, he just smiled and said, “Then let’s see if we can find some more clear ones with clear lids.”

Off he went into the store room.  At least 5 minutes or more later, he returned carrying a large stack of the 6 clear bins with clear lids I had asked for.  He rang up my purchase, thanked me for my business and had someone take them out to my car.

Customers are often picky about little things; like color.  Some customers always want the salad dressing “on the side” while others want a “half-caff/half-decaf latte”.  Not being treated as an oddity or an inconvenience is a simple way to wow a customer and create customer loyalty.


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2 Responses to “Picky About Color”

  1. Gayle O'Donnell Says:

    Great post! Paper Passionista is used to accommodating those picky about color – BRIDES! 😉 When it comes to invitations I always tell clients the safest way to be sure about getting exactly the right color is to pay a little extra for something from the Pantone Matching System ink chart and that solution has pleased many. Glad you were able to get assistance with your dilemma which was to purchase something with NO COLOR!

  2. Eric Popowski Says:

    Great point. A salesperson could not lose me quicker than by rolling their eyes at my request! Challenges are an opportunity to win a customer for life.


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