Now or Never

Do you know why there is a Mother’s Day? No, I don’t mean the history of how it came to be a day printed on the calendars, I mean the reason we need one in the first place. Truth is, we all get busy and it’s easy to lose track of how long it’s been since we’ve touched base with those who matter to us – even our mom.  Having a day on the calendar serves as a reminder to send a card, flowers or just make a phone call.

I realize May is a long way away – this isn’t about Mother’s Day.  While reading the April issue of Readers’ Digest, Peggy Northrop, Global Editor in Chief wrote about their observance of global “Thank a Customer Day” on March 10.  In her message to readers, Northrop explained:


“…every one of our employees (yes, even the CEO) will spend the day writing thank-you notes, making phone calls, and sending e-mails expressing our gratitude.”

Who knew there was such a day? In fact, upon checking I found there also actually an entire national WEEK here in the USA.  The week is actually in January and then in October, there is a National Customer Service Week.    So why am I writing about this when it’s not January, October and March 10th has passed?  Because just like taking Mom for brunch, it doesn’t matter WHEN you do it – it just matters that you DO IT.

There is no shortage of time, energy and resources devoted to attracting new customers.    But what about our regular customers who are there spending money with us week after week, year after year?

68% of customers leave due to perceived indifference.

Do I really need to say more? Are you so busy chasing new business that you let your bread and butter customers feel neglected?  Grab your calendar and pick a day within the next week and mark it “My Annual Thank my Customers Day”. If you are fortunate enough to have more customers than you could possibly touch in a day, feel free to make this a quarterly or even monthly “day”.  Divide up the alphabet if need be to make it manageable.  Then do it!

Write personal notes, make sincere phone calls, send a small gift – even a $5 Starbucks gift card.   Make this small investment in your existing customers and you can improve retention.  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to positively impact your bottom line!


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