Are You Ready?

The recent tragedy in Japan should be a wake-up call to all of us who live in earthquake regions.  The Federal Emergency Management Office (FEMA) campaign “3 Days, 3 Ways“, reminds us the first 3 days are our responsibility because it takes at least that long to mobilize resources to be of assistance.

So the question is, are you ready? One of the tips on the FEMA website is to “Get a Kit”.  They list the items that should be in an emergency kit.  The list can be daunting.  We’re busy, it doesn’t seem urgent – at least not as urgent as getting to our emails or calling customers.

To make it easier, companies have put together kits you can purchase and keep in your home, office and car.  My personal favorite is made by Relief Pod International. The color coded sections keep everything organized and easily accessible in case of an emergency.  The durable, compact cases fit perfectly in the trunk of a car, in the supply closet or in the pantry at home.

Whether you use the government list and make your own kits or purchase one of the Relief Pod kits on line, be sure you have enough for all the people you are responsible for.  If you have employees, a kit per person is a good idea.  You may all be trapped at your workplace.

My husband, John Murphy,  put a kit in each of our car trunks.  He added a pair of broken-in athletic shoes and socks as well in case circumstances require us to walk  home noting that I am frequently out in stylish – rather than practical – footwear.

In addition to your personal vehicles, if you have company cars, vans or trucks, a kit for each of those vehicles is prudent as well.

What about your family? Supplies for each member of your family – even the furry ones – is essential.  Don’t forget, young adults away at college should also have kits both in their cars and their dorm rooms.

As we celebrate the return of our friend Rich Gray from Tokyo where he experienced the earthquake and aftermath first hand, let the tragedy of others be the motivation for each of us to act.  Are you ready?

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One Response to “Are You Ready?”

  1. Ronald Czarnecki Says:

    This is a great suggestion! With my wife being a California girl, we already have a great kit we purchased from the local Red Cross.

    Still need to get them for the cars though. Thanks for the reminder!


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