You Snooze, You Lose

“I’m never staying in a hotel again!”

Those were the first words out of my assistant’s mouth when she came in after her getaway weekend in Port Townsend, WA.

Having read all too many articles about the bed bug epidemic in hotels; both around the country and the world, I feared the worst.

But no, she did NOT have a bad experience at a hotel – quite the opposite.  She had a GREAT experience at a Bed and Breakfast!  Her experience at Holly Hill House was so wonderful, she has vowed to only stay in Bed and Breakfasts in the future.

What did she love?  “The pampering.”  – Quite a compliment from a woman who earns her living pampering others!

“The table.  The parlor.  The food and wine.” She gushed about the attention to detail, the cozy atmosphere, the peace and quiet.

A visit to the website of Holly Hill House will give you comments from other satisfied guests; a testament to the ongoing great customer experiences they deliver.

What intrigued me was not just the experience Diana had at this particular Bed and Breakfast but rather the reminder all business people need:  One bad customer experience can lose a customer for life.  Also true, a great customer experience can change the consumer’s buying habits for a lifetime.

Every day, with every customer, you have the opportunity to change perceptions of your business, your industry, your community. Let’s take this example and use it to remind our team members how critical each and every customer encounter is not just to our bottom line today, but to the long term health of our businesses and industries.


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