The Devil is in the Details

A few months ago I did a blog citing the clever names and signage of two pizza places, one in Washington DC and the other in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.  While in Washington DC we ate at “Flippin’ Pizza” because of the name and since we are often in LA, we were anxious to try “Lucifers Damned Good Pizza”.

Last night, we did just that.  Kudos to Adam the owner of Lucifers for the consistency throughout.  Lucifers is a small place with only a few tables, but the rectangular tables are painted a glossy black and the edges are cut at an angle to create a “coffin” look. 

The wallpaper above the wainscoating is right out of a haunted house as are the iron light fixtures, window covering and candleholders.  The gargoyles and bats are not overdone and the flowers are black roses. 

The bottled water sold from a cooler set in the wall has black screw caps and black/silver Lucifers logo bottles called “extinguishing mineral water”. 

Wall signs tout “providing oral pleasure” , salads are called “Seven deadly sides” and the back of the staff shirts read “The horniest pizza place in the west” (Think devil horns…).

Music that fit the mood, chain divider between the counter and the kitchen, you name it – the details were right on and kept with the theme without being too “theme park”.   Even the parking – which was a “nightmare” fit the brand!

They were doing a nice business for a Thursday evening; a couple of small groups, several take-out orders, some deliveries and a phone ringing consistently just during the hour we were there.

Here’s a photo from our visit, “Two Dead Pizzas” as dubbed by my hubby, John Murphy.  Oh, and it wasn’t false advertising, Lucifers really was “damned good pizza”.

How clearly are YOU communicating YOUR brand?  Is your brand reflected throughout your business?  How consistent are you with the message?  When it comes to successful branding, remember, the devil is in the details! 


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