Exceptional Service to Their Door

Wednesday’s post about “pushing the Reset button” generated a flurry of emails.  Many of you liked the idea of challenging the “status quo” and trying new ways to do business in 2011.  One great example of this is Paper Passionista.
Those of you planning to attend the Seattle Wedding Show this weekend to look for wedding invitations will likely be disappointed.  Specialty retailers have been hard hit by the recession.  Even major stationery brands such as Crane have closed their Seattle retail stores offering very few printed invitation options for anyone wanting something nicer than just Costco.

Horror story abound of brides who have ordered over the internet and received tissue-paper quality, misspellings and barely legible printing.

One Woodinville bride went to a mall store that has a few invitation books but no qualified staff to assist.  Her invitations made NO MENTION of the GROOM’S PARENTS!  Not a great way to start out married life with your in-laws!

Paper Passionista to the rescue! In her own “Reset” button move, Gayle O’Donnell closed her retail store, All About Weddings and Celebrations and launched her innovative new model, an “on location” invitation and stationery service. Yes, she brings her years of knowledge and experience TO YOU! She has all the best lines of invitations and stationery for every type of special occasion – all without the overhead of a retail store!

How it works: You make an appointment, have a phone chat with Gayle so she can get a sense of your vision for the event and then she brings the books of the best options to you.  You can meet at your home, office, coordinator’s location or even a neighborhood Starbucks.  Hassle free, personalized service and on YOUR schedule!

This is a great example of changing how business has always been done and making it even more customer responsive.

If you have an “out of the box” idea of how to shake up YOUR business, don’t assume your current vendors won’t embrace it. Gayle was concerned several of her premium, designer lines wouldn’t continue to sell to her with her new business model but in fact, they were thrilled!

Don’t be afraid to forge your own path. 20 years ago when I started Sleep Country USA, no other mattress store looked like mine nor did they offer the customer focused services that became our trademark.  The business landscape is ever changing and the best companies continue to change and evolve as well.


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