Business Holiday Cards

Merry Christmas! Season’s Greetings! Happy Holidays!

So many business people are reluctant to do something which may offend that most have opted out of sending greeting cards to customers and suppliers.  Those that do, typically go with the more generic designs such as a snowflake with Season’s Greetings. 

Others choose a modern version of a classic such as the Christmas tree for customers and Happy Holidays along with a “We appreciate your business” message.

In an effort to be more personal yet still remaining neutral, some  go with a photo card of the staff with a “From our desks to yours” type of message.

Even more still have elected to “cut costs” and eliminate holiday cards for customers entirely.   What’s the right thing to do?

I’m a big proponent of sending handwritten thank you cards to customers and even suppliers so one might expect me to be in favor of Christmas cards – but I’m not! No, I’m not anti-Christmas or afraid of not being PC – quite the opposite.   My reasoning is this: in business,  I think it’s important to get value from everything you do.

Sending a greeting card to your customers or suppliers in December increases the likelihood your message will get lost in the shuffle.  Sure, it may get posted on a cubicle wall or hung as part of the office decorations, but in those situations, you are part of the group and you always want to stand out with your customers and vendors.

To accomplish this and avoid both the appropriate greeting dilemma, both Paradigm Communications, publisher of the Alaska and Horizon airlines in flight magazines as well as Northwest Capital Group have gone with Thanksgiving cards, “We’re thankful for your business” messages.  I’m sure other companies are using alternative holidays to send greetings as well.

Choosing an alternative holiday – or simply no holiday at all – will help your message stand out and be more memorable.  Take the time, at least once a year, to thank your best customers, clients and suppliers.  It’s a simple step toward building lasting relationships for your business.


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