On the Road Again

Do you make deliveries in your business?  Ever just have a list of errands you need to run?  Want to make them more efficiently?  Want to save time?  Cut expenses?

As gas prices continue to rise, small businesses need to do everything they can to keep costs in line.   Time is also money so routing your deliveries, pick ups or other business errands more efficiently can positively impact your bottom line.

Over the years, I’ve used some pricey routing software to improve and streamline the hundreds of deliveries we made every day.  Many small businesses don’t make that many stops or have multiple vehicles out on the road and have a hard time justifying the price tag of sophisticated computerized routing programs.

Technology to the rescue!  Route4me.com lets you put in up to 10 addresses FOR FREE.  The website will calculate the optimal route with driving directions.  This instantly improves efficiency and results in gas savings.

If you have more stops, you can sign up for a more expanded service but the 10 stops for FREE is perfect for  florists, caterers, home theater installers, plumbers, repair people of all kinds, carpet cleaners, pest control, landscapers, all sorts of small businesses who rely on their vehicles.

There is even an iPhone or iPad app you can download to enter data on the road, update your route throughout the day or just have the directions in an electronic format with you in your vehicle.

More and more businesses offer home service to provide a better customer experience.  The use of  inexpensive, easy to use tools such as Route4me allows you to improve efficiency and save money giving you a huge competitive advantage.


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