That’s Some Bull!

Marcia Brixey, Money Wise Women, recently went to Branson, Missouri with friends.  While there, she saw a variety of shows, including Moe Bandy.  Aside from enjoying the musical talent there, she was impressed by the innovative advertising/marketing of Moe Bandy.

He has a bull.  Yes, the 4-legged, rodeo type of bull.  What makes this innovative is the NAME of the bull.  The bull’s official name is Yes, his website is the bull’s actual name.

That means in every rodeo arena where the bull appears, the announcer gives out Moe Bandy’s website address over and over again.  Plus, it’s printed in the program, not in an ad which you could skip, but in the program descriptions read by devotees.

Imagine what it could cost to advertise in every rodeo program or buy an ad banner in every rodeo arena.  Just think what you have spent to have ads in the yellow pages in various communities within your market.

Add to this the clever factor which causes people to talk about it – Marcia couldn’t wait to tell me and I had to share it with all of you!  Buzz is a big goal in the marketing/advertising arena. The bull’s name creates BUZZ.

An added benefit, all the bull’s expenses from food, to veterinary costs to entry fees becomes a legitimate business expense.

Moe Bandy has accurately profiled his best customer and has found an innovative way to market his “brand” and advertise to his target customer in a unique, fun and effective way.  Thinking outside the box – or in this case – outside the pen, can help you to increase awareness for your business and that’s no bull!



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One Response to “That’s Some Bull!”

  1. Robin Ryan Says:

    now that is very very clever –and profitable too!


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