Workin’ It

Hat’s off to the Goodwill Industries of Seattle for another fun and inspiring evening at their annual “Glitter Gala”.  Fun because of the innovative themes, auction items and decorations.  Inspiring because of the great work they do “because jobs change lives”.

As a former business owner, we had many business/charity relationships that made sense for us.  They were “win/win” situations for us, the community and our customers.  Have you thought about ways you can support the community through your business?

Tonight we heard about the way businesses have stepped up and continue to step up to offer employment opportunities to those who have completed the various Goodwill Industries job skills training programs.  The “Graduate of the Year” was there tonight and her story was part of the inspiration of the evening.

Home Depot was the employer who has given this mom a chance to not only improve her life, but that of her children as well.  They are only ONE of the many employers who have found great employees through their partnership with Goodwill Industries.

Goodwill Industries here in Seattle is the 5th largest in the nation.  They receive NO government funding – all private donations. The items you donate to Goodwill help support the training programs as well as the donations made in the ballroom at the Seattle Sheraton tonight.

If you missed the Gala, you buy items shown at the fashion show next weekend at the Seattle Dearborn store.  You can also sign up to be sure you don’t miss the event next year.  They’ve already booked a larger room at the Sheraton and that just means even more fun!

Want to do more? Here’s a list of 10 ways YOU can help Goodwill here in our area.  Can you offer a job to a deserving person who has done the hard work to turn their life around, gain marketable skills and who wants to work?  If so, contact Goodwill Industries to start your own “business/charity relationship” that makes a difference for everyone.

Business/charity relationships can benefit your business in so many ways; building employee loyalty, influencing customer choices, inspiring customer loyalty, solving problems for your business, tax benefits and of course, the many blessing that come from helping those who simply want a hand up – not a hand out.


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