Mission Accomplished

The other day, my husband, videographer extraordinaire, enlisted the aid of yours truly, shopper extraordinaire to locate a large lazy susan.  He needed to put his client’s product on the lazy susan and slowly rotate it while filming to create an effect.  Did I mention it was important that it not be “too expensive”?  Did I mention he asked this on Friday and the shoot scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, only a few days away?

I dashed into my West Seattle Bed Bath & Beyond store to see what may fit the bill.   Within the first minute a friendly staff member welcomed me and asked if I was looking for anything specific today.  I was somewhat taken aback, in today’s economic climate, many stores have reduced staff to bare minimum and finding someone to help on the retail floor is often a challenge.

When I told Stephanie what I was looking for, she immediately let me know there were several options.  We ruled out the plastic one like you might use in a cabinet to hold spices because even though it was a good size, the plastic construction did not provide a smooth spin.  If used as intended, this wouldn’t matter, but I knew my husband would not want jerky images in the video.

Understanding the issue, Stephanie took me back to show me the glass lazy susan they stock which does spin smoothly.  The only problem, it was  too small to work well for this special use.  When I said I really liked the size of the larger, plastic one she immediately let me know they could order it in a larger size, the larger size just wasn’t stocked in the store.

I asked to open the smaller one to insure the spin was smooth prior to ordering a larger one, her reply was “No problem”.  After deciding the glass lazy susan would be perfect, I tossed her my next challenge – I need it on Wednesday. Again, a positive “Can Do” attitude. Drop ship to my home so I don’t have to make another trip to the store? “Of course.”

Stephanie entered my order into the computer, I paid for the item, the expedited shipping and was on my way.  Wednesday, a box was delivered to our doorstep with the perfect large, glass, smooth spinning lazy susan just in time for my husband to work his video magic.

I came in “on a mission”.  The Bed Bath & Beyond team were ready, willing and able to assist letting me call my husband 15 minutes later to say “Mission Accomplished”.  What about your team? Are they up to the challenge of wowing customers in today’s world?  Do they have the knowledge?  The tools? The “can do” attitude?  The genuine desire to serve?

Total spent including item, tax and expedited shipping:  $35.01

Value in customer relations….priceless.

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