What Would You Do?

Last weekend, Latin/Pop Diva, Gloria Estefan was going to introduce Enrique Iglesias during the Half-Time Show of the Miami Dolphins football game.

Decked out in Dolphin green YSL pumps for her appearance, she found the door to the luxury suite LOCKED as she tried to exit to go down to the field.

Staff at the Sun Life Stadium were unable to open the door from the outside either.  Calls to both locksmiths and the fire department were also unsuccessful; either they could not open the door or they could not get there in time.

Faced with this situation, many would have sat back, poured another cocktail and waited for help to arrive.

What would YOU do? Gloria Estefan kicked off her killer pumps, climbed out the window of her suite and in through the window of an adjoining suite , exited through that suite and ran full-speed down and to the field arriving just in time to make the half-time introduction of Enrique Iglesias.

Happy ending, nice story, interesting video.  So why is it in Sunny Kobe Cook’s business blog? Several reasons; first, the blog is called “Uncommon Ways” and I’m sure you would agree this is certainly and uncommon way to exit a luxury suite.

More importantly though, I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything. Anyone seeing this should have no question about why Gloria Estefan has had such a successful career. Talent only takes you so far; dogged persistence is a huge factor in success whether you are a singer, a plumber or a dry cleaner.


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